Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh Shit

Hey campers. You all know me. Well, I am about to be fully myself. I have double booked Tuesday. I have the final critique for my University of Chicago class on Tuesday from 6-10pm (potluck of course.) This timing is so out of the ordinary, I did not notice the boo-boo until this very moment.

So....let's do Wednesday night. Let me know if that is a conflict for anyone. If so, we will re-group and pick another time. So very many apologies for this lameness on our first date of the year.

All lameness on my part aside, what do you all think of Bucky. I think this book is a wild ride of assumptions, particularly about how the computer is going to save us and break down all cultural, political and natural barriers (remember de Certeau anyone?) and a curiously intriguing guide book fostering resource equality to all. Parts of the book read like Barbara Tuchman's A Distant Mirror and reminds me of the ever repeating tropes in history, while other bits are pure fantasy. When is the last time anyone wrote dolphin and whales are descendants from humans holding their breath?

Unlike more dispassionate books, this wild ride is oddly inspiring.



Susan Nevelow Mart said...

All older books that predict the future make the authors look like nutballs and /or unusually naive - I'm thinking of the predictions made by Bucky (and many others) about some new access to resources making us all free and equal. Remember the early, heady days of the Internet? There's always a way found to control the resource- from the book I'm reading by Thomas Pynchon (Against the Day) that was also the case with the early discovery of electricity

Susan Nevelow Mart said...
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