Thursday, August 30, 2007

Henri Lefebvre interview

This week is a snippet of Situationists International history. Henri Lefebvre talks about his interactions with with Situationist in a 1983 interview by Kristin Ross. It is full of dichotomies with a healthy dose of utopian goals. For those interested, Henri Lefebvre wrote the famous Critique of Everyday Life, which is on my reading list. Expect a brief post next week on this reading.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sculpture in the Expanded Field

Thursday postings have fallen a bit behind in the wake of a move. In an attempt to get back on track, below is a link to the classic Rosalind Krauss article Sculpture in the Expanded Field. This article had somehow escaped my time and attention. As always, Krauss writes with a clear argument and enough opinion to keep debate heated. Also, the diagrams are charming.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson

Rather than post, I recommend a book entitled Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson. This is a slim book based on the epic poem, Geryoneïs, as told by the sixth century poet Stesichorus. The main character is a red boy with wings who comes of age in a story set in a variety of times, told by a series of narrators, and in diverse stylistic modes. This is beautiful and jarring poem/tale. This book like the Jeanette Winterson novel, Written on the Body, I recently read, is a written compliment to theoretical ideas.

Note: I exchanged one of my possessions for Written on the Body when Nancy Nesbit came through Champaign Urbana and stopped at OPENSOURCE Art. She is engaged in a yearlong project, Exchange, where she is driving every one of her possessions across Canada, the United States, and Mexico and exchanging objects and stories along the way. The website is: