Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Below is a link to a short, blunt, and sweet article on collaboration. I not only agree that the tensions inherent in collaboration moves the work and individual practice forward, there is a complex and wonderful freedom in ceding direct authorship. By giving up authorship, subject and content can predominate.

Against Competition
by Marc Fischer

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Data Vs. Information

Micheal Whitelaw presents a mechanism to evaluate data art in the article Art Against Information-Case Studies in Data Practice. Looking to the source of the term data, Whitelaw, explores the difference between data and information. In science, data is raw knowledge and information is data framed in such a way as to provided some insight. By looking at the difference, Whitelaw criticizes data artists that present their work as data when selection preferences and display modes transform the data into information. This differentiations gives viewers a handy tool to begin an investigation of assumptions within this genre.