Thursday, June 10, 2010

Next week 8pm Tuesday night


So, first of all, if you are online and want to join, please email me. I keep my email open for just such things. Tonight Melissa was online, but my Skype did not see her. Bad Skype! Glad you could join us, if late.

Reading for Tuesday. June 15/100-178
Reading for Tuesday. June 22/179-252
Reading for Tuesday. June 29/253-346
Appendix I and II - as desired.

Tara was the most generous among us, allowing Bucky full license with history not as an "scientist-artist" but as a philosopher-bard. With varying degrees of latitude, we all seem to be finding some kind of sea legs on this ride of a book.

Happy reading,


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tara said...

LOL. Hey, who am I to allow him license? He's taken it himself; I'm willing to listen to his yarn and consider his mythology for a bit. Then I will, "reason and take action based on my own direct experience."

Oh, these philosophers - they are all so adorable in their earnestness and their fallibility. I feel (in the e.e. cummings' sense of the term) as though I'm given profound encouragement to be human.

Wonderful, wonderful conversation last night.... can't wait to get home to read myself to sleep tonight.