Thursday, July 9, 2009

Schedule for Field Guide

Good morning,

Next Tuesday, the 14th, there will be no Art Theory meetings. All are invited to an opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago from 7-8 pm.

All agree this books is better read at the pace of a novel and not broken up into tidy week sections. Read Field Guide at whatever speed you wish and we will talk about the book on Tuesday, the 21st. At that point, if we want to extend the conversation one more week, we can. Or we can start Reassembling the Social a week early.

Happy reading.


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tara said...

IN THE MEANTIME, for those still pondering Jane Jacobs..... An interesting clip of 2 architects discussing the concept of 'expiration dates' for cities. thanks to Taikun Li for directing me to it.

click here for video clip