Monday, July 27, 2009

Last week for Field Guide to Getting Lost

Dear Campers,

This week is going to be online. I had imagined I could be in Nashville and at Backstory at the same time, but as I pack, I realize, I can only be in one place at one time. I am driving to Nashville with Katie Hargrave (known to a few of you) so we can look through the family photos of Betty Rymer. We will be exploring geography and identity, two themes in A Field Guide to Getting Lost.

I will hunt some internet down in Nashville and be on Skype at 8:30 Central time for the last Sonit week.

Happy getting lost.


tara said...

OK I know nobody actually reads these comments, but still I persevere!

An excerpt from a poem about a young man who spent 16 days lost on the prarie during the Lewis & Clark expedition.... I can't believe I never mentioned this during the solnit book..

Read the excerpt from Shannon

Has anyone else read this or know Shannon's story??

Amber Ginsburg said...

I have NOT read this nor did I know about Shannon's story.

Thank you, as always for keep us posted.