Sunday, May 30, 2010

Initial Response to Critical Path

Great googly mooglies, is Bucky Fuller wild, or what?  And by wild, I'm not sure whether I mean brilliant and prescient, or just plumb insane.

Fundamental complimentarity... unity is plural and at a minimum 6-fold.
I love that what, "[He] is trying to discover is why God included humans in Universe." Nothing like setting lofty goals, eh?

To be nobody but yourself, to attempt as an individual what the traditional power structures could never become a "local universe information harvester and problem solver in support of eternally regenerative Universe."  (I need to order new business cards!!)

On the one hand, he seems to think we're in big trouble if we've not realized his vision by 2000 (which clearly we have not). On the other, he encourages us that we, "will find the world responding to [our] earnest initiative."  I am SOOO looking forward to spending the summer with a brilliant, crazy, cynical optimist!
What's jumping out at y'all?

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Amber Ginsburg said...

I cannot tell a lie. My copy comes tomorrow and this weekend...

I only brief encounters with "Bucky" writing, which has both inspired and frustrated. Sounds like this will be no different.