Monday, March 22, 2010

Possible summer titles

I sent out an email with the following possibilities for summer reading. Additionally, suggestions from various campers are listed. In the next month we will vote on summer reading.

Bruno Latour, The Making of Law.

Slavo Zizek, In Defense of Lost Causes OR
Zizek, Violence

Martha Nussbaum, Woman and Human Development (Capabilities theory)

Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking
I am a partial Solnit fan, but think a walking focused book could be good. Suggestions?

Glenn Adamson, The Craft Reader

Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path

something by Walter Benjamin? (that you've not done already?)

Lewis Hyde: Trickster makes this world mischief myth and art

Nature of design
by David W. Orr

Earth in mind: on education, environment, and the human prospect
by David W. Orr

The Gift of Good Land
by Wendell Berry

Kinship to Mastery: Biophilia in Human Evolution and Developments
by Stephan R. Kellert

One Straw Revolution
by Masanobu Fukoka

Why we Garden: Cultivating a sense of place
By Jim Nollman

The Language of Landscape
By Anne Whiston Spirn

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