Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3/4 into Latour (or close)

This is a reminder about the online meeting tonight at 8:30 (central) I will only have 30 minutes online, but the interview section is CLEAR, so we can progress faster. Interested folks can keep on going.

Watershed residency update: It is hot today, the sheep are nestled in the shade, and suddenly what seemed like a very long time to be away is just about over.

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Susan Nevelow Mart said...

I'm behind, but am reading slowly away - there are so many points of contact with my ongoing life in this book: on page 89, when Latour say: not only does it lead you backstage and introduce you to the knacks and skills of practitioners, it also provides a rare glimpse of what it is for a thing to emerge out of inexistance by adding to any existing entity its time dimension. He says this is the context of art practice and I think immediately of the art practice of Taryn Simon, who somehow manages to get behind the scenes in the most unlikely places, and melds photos and text (with history)in "An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar." Definitely radical metamorphosis....