Thursday, June 26, 2008

State of Exception

First I want to thank Katie Hargrave for recommending this book. There are remarkable connections to these ideas and people close to me. My mom, Susan Mart, writes on the Patriot Act, and has made that her speciality yet did not know this writing. My husband Tom specializes in International Constitutional law and politics and did not know this writing. I appreciate how theory has a way of crossing disciplinary boundaries.

I cannot set a phone date for chapter 2 and 3 just yet, as my schedule is still fuzzy here in Taiwan. We are going to explore some nature here, but don't know which days we will be away from technology.

So, as we currently live in a state of exception, act and live, which Agamben proposes as political (top of page 2) and enjoy your acts of legal disobedience.


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