Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Welcome to Art Theory Summer Camp

Welcome to Art Theory Summer Camp.

My hope is that this blog will function in two ways:

-For anyone who misses an OPENSOURCE meeting, we can communicate on this blog.

-For anyone wishing to join Art Theory Summer Camp, but can't come to meetings, this blog will be the forum for questioning and debate.

Happy reading.



Richard Urban said...

Will readings be posted here?

David Nolan said...

where are the discussion groups going to be held as I read that opensource has to move out of the building.

Mike Fleming said...

All classes will be held at OPENSOURCE Art 12 E. Washington st. in Champaign. It is true that the building was bought by another owner however they said they do not plan to start work on the ground floor for a couple of months at least, so OPENSOURCE is staying where it is for the time being.

Amber Ginsburg said...

Readings will be posted every Thursday.